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News provided by ASP World Tour on 14 July 2005

As a strong cross-shore wind whips across the tiny faces of waves around 0.5 metres (1 to 2 feet) at Jeffreys Bay South Africa, organisers of the Billabong Pro, have opted to put the event on hold in anticipation of bigger and better things coming later in the waiting period.

The event, which is the sixth on the Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour, has a waiting period extending to July 22 and with two rounds completed organisers are being patient and will wait for optimum conditions here at one of the world’s best right hand breaking waves.

Billabong Pro contest director, former pro-surfing tourer turned big-wave charger, Mike Parsons, believes there’s potential swell on the horizon.

“There’s a few things on the map that we’re keeping an eye on around the weekend or just after” said Parsons. “We know the swell is on the drop today despite there being a couple of rideable waves, but it’s just not the standard we’re looking for here at Jeffreys Bay. There’s so much time left in the waiting period we’re going to take the day off today and check it again tomorrow at 7am local time.

“There could be a local front after the weekend and in the real long term there could be a good swell toward the end of next week. But you have to check it every day and recheck the forecast every day and watch how things change. But we’re stoked we have two rounds already completed in really good waves.”

To check results for rounds one and two go to or

The Billabong Pro has round three (16 heats), round four (eight heats), quarter finals (four heats), semi-finals (two heats) and final (one heat) to complete.

With a lay day on the cards surfers will enjoy the “dream tour” by occuping themselves with adventures into local African animal safari parks, by playing tennis or even a round of golf or two.

Surfers and spectators can also look forward to performances by musician Donovan Frankenreiter on the upcoming weekend.

He will perform two shows on both Saturday and Sunday nights (local time).

Frankenreiter, an accomplished surfer who is sponsored by Billabong and Von Zipper, started playing guitar and singing seriously at the age of 18. He formed the band Sunchild in California and has toured the globe appearing on the same bill as well known acts such as fellow surfer Jack Johnson and G.Love.

He his currently appearing on MTV and is also doing shows in Brazil and England before coming to South Africa and then will be touring Japan later this year. His J-Bay gigs will be solo and unplugged.


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