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News provided by ASP World Tour on 24 June 2005

A number of the Foster’s Men’s World Tour top 45 were up early today in anticipation of a new swell arriving at Saint Leu. They were greeted with glassy inconsistent one to two meter (3 to 4 foot) waves on very low tide, which has forced event organisers to put the competition on hold until a later call.

The event is officially on hold until 11am, giving the predicted swell a chance to prove itself when a higher tide puts a little more water over the razor sharp reef.

Current world number 11 Joel Parkinson (AUS) was one of the early rises to hit the new swell.

“It is really shallow out there and you have to kinda paddle into the reef to take off”.

Kalani Robb paddled out with fellow Hawaiians Bruce Irons and Fred Patacchia but was quickly seen back at the breakfast table.

“Wow! It is really too small and inconsistent at the moment. The swell needs some time to grow and settle in, lets wait till midday and see what happens.”

Next call 11.00am.


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