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News provided by ASP World Tour on 21 May 2006

Surfers competing in the Globe WCT Fiji will have a relaxing Sunday in paradise today after organisers of the fourth Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour event have called a lay day.

With the swell not reaching the predicted heights of two metres (six feet) overnight there was no option but to call off the event for the day and let competitors kick back in their hammocks in the sun.

Organisers are still remaining confident that the swell will increase throughout today and by tomorrow the break known as Cloudbreak will be sending in its typical freight training barrels.

Long time tourer and crowd favourite Taylor Knox (USA), who, after a sterling performance in the previous event in Tahiti now finds himself in third in the world, is eager for the event to get underway so he can continue on his world beating run.

Having surfed at the location numerous times throughout his 17-year career, he is looking relaxed and quietly confident that a win here in Fiji wouldn’t be out of the question.

Speaking on his tremendous performance in Tahiti, where he was beaten in the semifinal by eventual winner, Bobby Martinez (USA), Knox indicated that he has recently grown as a competitor by taking tips from his peers such as Kelly Slater (USA) and Andy Irons (HAW).

Knox also revealed that he has broken the hoodoo of finding himself in close heat situations that don’t always go his way.

“I’ve felt really comfortable at Teahupoo over the past couple of years,” said Knox. “I’ve had a ninth there and I think in that round in the past couple of years I’ve had really close heats with guys... but this year it went my way.

“I think also since I’ve been hanging around with Kelly and Andy I’ve been picking up notes here and there and just started competing better. I was really relaxed in Tahiti and for some reason I really feel relaxed at that wave generally.”

And while it is evident from a spectator’s perspective that he could very well be holding the Globe WCT Fiji victor’s trophy aloft shortly, Knox shies away from singing his own praises too loudly.

“I’ve been using the same tactics at the Gold Coast and at Bells and coming here I feel really comfortable as well,” said Knox. “I’ll just take it one day at a time though. I’m not one of those guys who proclaims things [winning] ahead of time as it just doesn’t work for me.”

Knox will compete in the first round against Tom Whitaker (AUS) and Davey Weare (ZAF) in heat four.

Also, at the time of going to press Slater has yet to confirm either way that he will be competing in the event.

It is expected that he will indicate his intentions later this morning.

Organisers will reconvene at first light tomorrow (Monday) to make the call regarding the start of the event.


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