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Onestopsurf is a very powerful, easy to manage way to increase the exposure of your company, brand, products or website. We offer simple advertising options and detailed reports of your campaigns effectiveness.

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What Advertising Options Does Onestopsurf Provide?

Free Advertising

  • If you are a surf business or website we will list you totally free of charge in all the directories that you fit under. Complete the form and your site can be added within 24 hours
  • We are currently building a geographic directory of surf businesses, websites and useful local surf info. We need help doing this. In exchange for some detailed content (surf spots, local info, water temperatures, excellent quality photos) we are offering some of our paid advertising free. Need to know more? Fill out the form telling us what you have and we will get in touch soon.

Paid Advertising

Our paid advertising is simple to understand and a very cost effective way to bolster traffic to your website or exposure of your company.

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  • 80,000+ page views per month (Feb '05)
  • 13,000+ unique visitors per month (Feb '05)
  • 18,000+ click thoughs to our listed sites per month (Feb '05)
  • Targeted audience
  • Very well indexed by major search engines

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