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News provided by ASP World Tour on 5 May 2006

Professional surfing’s elite are enjoying another day free of the fear in Tahiti today given the usually fearsome reef break known as Teahupoo is looking more like a friendly beginner’s playground.

With the waves barely hitting the one metre (two to three foot) mark event officials will wait for only premium conditions before kicking off the third event on both the Foster’s ASP Men’s and ASP Women’s World Tours.

Forecasts indicate that a swell may materialize in the latter point of the weekend with the predicted rise coming during the day on Sunday.

For Keala Kennelly (HAW), who has won here at this location on three occasions, the reprieve is a welcome one as she’s been granted some much-appreciated healing time for her suspected broken back.

Kennelly underwent a CAT scan yesterday when doctors feared the worst for the renowned “Chopes” charger after she sustained the injury while free-surfing in Fiji last week.

Results of the scan revealed she has deep spinal bruising instead of fractured vertebras as was first thought.

Kennelly was obviously ecstatic.

“I’m so stoked. I thought I was going to be out for four to six weeks,” said Kennelly. “I was still going to try to surf regardless, but now I’m all clear, this is really good news.”

Equally as enthusiastic about the lay day are Megan Abubo (HAW) and Sofia Mulanovich (PER) who will capitalize on the small conditions and get in another day of practice before the break roars to life.

“Rochelle (Ballard), Sofia and I came straight from Fiji and it’s been good because I’ve been able to put in a lot of time out there,” said Abubo. “We’ve been surfing twice a day and I’ve never done that before so it’s good practice.”

With the top 17 female and 45 male surfers on the planet all itching to get in on the action, island-hopping, canoeing and fishing are often the call of the day when competition is called off.

Mark “Occy” Occhilupo, who won at Teahupoo in 1999, didn’t seem phased by another day off.

“Yesterday was my first full day here and I had a little surf,” said Occy. “It was pretty fun to be back out there. It’s a beautiful place to have lay days, it’s probably the place on tour with the least amount to do but it’s the most comfortable.”

Another call on competition status will be made tomorrow at 7am local time.

For the full draw for both the men and women head to or


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