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The first question we always get is, "What the hell is STUMP?", or "Why call your boards STUMP?". Well, contrary to popular belief, rumour or otherwise, the simple fact is the name aint no gimmick, it's the real thing: Andrew Stump. Yep, there were no marketing guys sitting around a boardroom dreaming up wild and wacky names and then someone came up with the brilliant idea of "STUMP". Not at all. It's right there on the birth certificate. Like so many others who have made surfing their life, "Stumpy" saw his future early on and had left home at 15 years of age with only one thing on his mind: surf! However, beyond the endless waves, he started looking at exactly how boards worked. He soon found that the art of crafting and creating boards just as enjoyable as the art of riding waves. 25 years later and the journey continues. But the best thing is to take a virtual wander through our on-line board shop and make up your own mind. Better still, give us a call and we'll talk about your next custom-built board.


United Kingdom
If you are looking for a truly unique longboard then take a look at Having been recently appointed exclusive UK agents for McTavish, Gordon & Smith, South Coast and Tyler, Loose-Fit now offer the largest range of premium imported surfboards in the UK. If you cannot find the perfect longboard from any of the 30+ boards in stock then Loose-Fit will arrange for your bespoke board to be handcrafted to your exact requirements by any of these shapers at no extra cost. Lead time from 4 weeks for delivery of custom boards. Prices range from £700 for a G&S Classic Noserider right through to a £2600 for a Tyler "singlefin:yellow" limited edition individually signed and numbered collector's board. Also available online are t-shirts from these classic brands as well as surf-art, DVD's and the mighty "Pickle" wax remover. Trade enquiries are also welcome. For further information please - visit: email: telephone: 01327 831402

laminations fine finishing

United Kingdom
Laminations has been manufacturing and supplying surfboards to customers and shops throughout Europe for over ten years and has built up a reputation as one of the UK's leading surfboard factories. we pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and produce only the highest quality performance boards. When you choose any product from Laminations you can be confident that it is of the highest standards of design, materials and workmanship. We stand behind all our products 100 percent. At laminations we build surfboards for a number of international brands such as Beachbeat, bob cooper, nat young, and cord. we sell boards wholesale and retail and have an extensive range that includes shortboards, retros and longboards from classic to modern.

Aloha Surfboard

Back in 1978 Australia's beaches were rapidly becoming the epicentre of world surfing. With a stack of world champions and surf professionals living on the coast, particularly on Sydney's northern peninsula, it created the perfect environment for shaper, Greg Clough, to set up shop. With no money, a wife and a dog named "Rusty", establishing a surf business seemed like an impossibility, however with a hoarde of local and professional surfers begging for good quality, well shaped boards, and chanting, "build it and we will come" Greg Clough launched ALOHA SURFBOARDS in Brookvale and the company has never looked back.


South Africa
Surfblanks South Africa has been the leader of the pack with it's successful foam formulas by Midget Farrelly. We supply most of the surfboard blanks used in South Africa, and have a reputation of being the leaders in our industry. We also export in any quantities around the world. We supply all related tools and / or materials for surfboard manufacturing from shaping screens, squeegees, leash plugs, finboxes, fin control systems , cloth or any other materials you may need. We also offer shipping quotes to most countries / regions with competitive rates.

United Kingdom
Sannyasi is a 100% surfer company that offers you the chance to extend your role of cultural icon way beyond the current norm of repitious brand logos. Using bold graphics to tell the surfers story of eco awareness, good vibes and a bit of social comment we set the benchmark in stylistic concerned environmental surfer tee shirt art. l All of our tees are Fairly Traded organic. Sannyasi is committed to supporting "Eco group" and "green chemistry" experiments for future surfing use

Empire Surfboards

United Kingdom
High Quality surfboards built from the finest materials by some of the country's top craftsmen. The Empire alternative range is designed with modern rails and rockers but with alternative templates and fin combinations to give you effortless speed and the drive to control it. rather than being retro this range goes back to the point at which everybody jumped onto thrusters and looks at the alternatives with 30 years of hindsight and advancement.

The Black and White Surf Co Ltd

United Kingdom
Manufacturers of high quality custom surfboards, direct from the factory.Website shows full selection of surfboards, Custom, Shortboards, Mini-mals, Longboards, Retro surfboards, Twin fins. Surf accessories, e.g Balin, Palmers, Animal, Bully's. surfboard fins, Rainbow Fin Company, FCS, 4Way Fin System. Also includes sections on Quality Surfboard Repairs, Surfboard Renovation. Buyers Guide, Information and Surf Gallery. Black and White Surf Co Clothing.

Spun Surfboards

Spun Sports are the original Twin-Tail Surfboard manufacturer. Committed to the promotion of freestyle surfing. As skate, snow and wake all began as one way boards, Spun gives surfers to follow their lead and change to a true symmetrical, bi-directional sport. The designers behind the concept are ex-professional waterskiers and wakeboarders, with over 45 years experienec in designing symmetrical boards. We hope you enjoy!!!

33 Surf

United States
David Stubbs is a leading shaper and manufacturer of world class surfboards, kiteboards and longboards. As an avid contest surfer his focus has always been developing cutting edge products. Stubby boards are constructed using the latest technology, working together with a dedicated team of riders and board builders. Every Stubby board is hand shaped in Cape Town, with delivery to anywhere in the world.

TAYURTH JRV surf service

The surftech demo center Tenerife, rents the world renowned Surftech brand surfboards to surfers from all over the world, saving them the hassle of flying to the island with their own boards. This also gives surfers the chance to try before you buy' and is the most inexpensive option to surf with a top quality board or paddle board, whether you're on holiday in Tenerife or a resident of the island.

Meteor surf boards

It all started during a boat trip in Indo: Holger hassenpflug,Julian Hönig and Rudi Hajek were sitting on the deck of the boat aptly named"Desert Storm" chatting about the eternal dilemma of how to get excellent,but not too expensive, surfboards shaped. It's no fun being dependent onlarge surfing companies for your gear. So we simply decided to set up anAustrian Surf Label: METEOR!

Phynix Surf boards

Your performance in the water will never be as good as with a custom made surfboard; a surfboard made for your style; level of surf and adapted to your local beach. Shaped by a specialized professional. And if you would like to print it at your will then your surfboard becomes UNIQUE. Chose one of our models and improve your surfing with a PHYNIX SURFBOARDS.


South Africa
At DGS surfboards we create high quality surfboards incorpeating the latest innovative designs and production techniques, to ensure that you receive the highest quality surfboard suited to your particular surfing requirements. Whether its busting huge 360 airs or just cruizing we will create a surfboard to take you to new levels!

Riley Classic Balsawood Surfboard

Riley Classic Balsa Surfboard has been around since 1996 providing high quality Australian made balsa wood surfboards. Riley offers raw balsa, balsa blanks, complete balsa shaping sets, "How to make a balsawood surfboard" instructional DVD to finished boards. Check out the site at


United Kingdom
Specialising in longboards and midlengths, the LONG BOARD ROOM aims to get you, the surfer, riding the board you've always wanted from the shapers that you have always admired... August, Yater, Jacobs, Takayama, Bing, Greek, Webber - shapers and boards that personify the 60's Californian style.

HeOne Surf Industries

Manufacturer of quality EPS epoxy PU polyurethane surfboards, SUPs, skim-boards, sailboards, soft-tops, body-boards. CNC machine. Latest technologies. Quality products. Durable construction. Excellent and loyal service. Many surf accessories available. Customized to your specifications.

NCS Surfboards

United Kingdom
NCS Surfboards are a specialist soft surfboard supplier catering to surf schools, hire shops, retail outlets as well as individuals. Our BSA recognised boards provide great value and an all in one solution for the whole family, young or old, learner or experineced.

Zak Surfboards

Zak Surfboards offers one of the biggest services in surfboard and hardware. We are manufacturers, retailers and importers of surfing essentials. We try to service the community in Melbourne and Victoria and our prices will always be one of the most competitive.

Bob Bulatowicz - Surf and Skate Products

United States
Bob's been surfing and skating for two decades. Shaping for surfers & waves from North California to South America. From Puerto Rico to New England Skateboards have shredded parks & terrain from Oregon to Miami, San Diego back yards to Iowa.