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United States
Wide Board. Short Arm. Board Buddy is an easy way to get your surfboard to the beach with a firm grip. It's an easy-to-use surfboard carrier. It's a surfboard carrying device that works on a longboard or shortboard. Board Buddy is an ABS plastic surfboard handle that slides right onto the rail of your board. Board Buddy comes in handy on long walks, steep trails, windy days, riding your bike or skateboard to the beach. It's perfect for kids, women and men who need help carrying wide longboards. If you want to take a shortboard and a longboard to the beach, Board Buddy makes carrying two boards more manageable. Surfer parents, now, there's no excuse for your kids not to carry their own board. Board Buddy is better for you, too. It gets the surfboard off your head, off your hip. You only need one hand to carry the board. Board Buddy also keeps the wax out of your hair and on your board. GET A GRIP with Board Buddy...the less hassle way to get to the beach. When you get to the beach more easily, surfing is more fun! Buy now online or check our dealer links for a shop near you. For Dealer Inquiries, contact

Himaya Sunscreen

United States
Sunscreen that works. Himaya Sunscreen is a premium sunscreen developed for the needs of the surfer. Himaya developed a sunscreen that provides complete UVA and UVB protection using the technology of micronized zinc oxide. Our unique formulation is all-day waterproof and sweatproof, can be applied to wet or dry skin, is hypoallergenic, won't sting the eyes and leaves hands dry. Himaya AfterSun is a high quality Aloe Vera lotion designed to revitalize the skin after an all-day session. With added moisturizers and anti-oxidants, it rehydrates the skin and helps neutralized dreaded free radicals.

True Ames Fins

United States
Since 1979, Chuck Ames and the True Ames Fins team have been developing the finest fiberglass and molded plastic fins available. Known throughout the international surfing community for innovative designs and a prowess for experimentation, we continue to fulfill our mission to help surfers and windsurfers maximize and manipulate the performance of their vehicles of choice. This mission began in the turbulent surf industry of the 1980's, as True Ames forged lasting relationships with notable surfers and shapers of the Santa Barbara area and beyond.


United States
The surf sling is a multi-functional terry cloth beach towel that becomes a hands-free carrying device. The surf sling has a large pocket with an inner water-resistant pocket, a fastener to secure the sling around the waist, and folds inside itself to become a beach bag. The surf sling can be used to carry numerous water sports equipment including: body boards, wake boards, kite boards, scuba diving equipment, etc. The surf sling is currently being sold in surf shops around the world and can be purchased online at

4 way fin system

South Africa
4wayfinsystem (4wfs) is a multipurpose fin system that allows surfers to not only remove their fins for travelling/replacement purposes but also allows for further simultaneous adjustments to at least three critical areas of fin functionality, comprising toe-in and out angle, splay angle and horizontal adjustment


United States
Surfing sunglasses, prescription water sports eyewear for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or other water, snow or extreme sports and conditions. In and out of water. Boating, kayaking, rx, goggles, wrap around, motorcycle sunglasses. Wide Selection.

DingDrX Surfboard Repair

United States
The award winning DingDrX Surfboard Repair in San Clemente, CA has got the cure for what ails you. For all your surfboard repair needs contact the Ding Doctor today. Watch repair videos at:

Soundguard Surfplugs

United Kingdom
Custom made ear protection for surfers. Soundguard Surfplugs ensure a reliable and comfortable fit, protecting the ears from water bourne infections and 'surfers ear' in even the most demanding conditions.


Australian made removable fin systems. Fins for shortboards, longboards, nipper and senior paddle boards. Soft edge fins for safety. High performance fins for competition. The best fins for travelling


United States
Surf Rack company. Selling three racks. Single Rack, Ceiling Rack, Multi Rack, and a multi-tool. The multi-tool consists of a philips screwdriver, standard screwdriver, waxcomb, fin key and leash hook.

My Rash Guards

United States
Surf rash guards, spf rashguards, kids rash guards, womens and mens rashguards, all available at My Rash Guards. Advanced rashguard and sun protection technology built into every rash guard.


United States
Hot new surfwax that floats, triangular shape for easy grip with a center groove to easily break in half. Each bar comes with unique sticker. Distributor inquiries welcome.


United States
Matunas wax is non-toxic biodegradable surf wax that is made in California, from local products. Check out our team riders, like Ratboy, Courtney Conlogue, and Julie Cox.

Stand Up Life

United States
We provide clothing and accessories for Stand Up Paddle enthusiasts. This includes Stand Up Paddle surfing, flatwater paddling, and big wave Stand Up Paddling.

United States
Leg rash guard protection. Warm water traveling surfers need protection from boardshort rash. An excellent option from not having to wear under shorts.


United States
The smart-screw is a longboard center-fin screw that accepts the industry standard hex tool that is used with your side fin's grub screws.

Creatures of Leisure

Traction pads, slim-fit boardbags, travel accessories, wax. Team riders include Rob Machado, Taj Burrow, Mick Fanning, and many more.

Dorsal Fin Co.

United States
This is a center fin company that makes transparent fins in clear, red and blue. They ride well they are flexable and affordable.


New Zealand
A slimline multi boardbag protects one board as well as it protects three. Plus boardcarry backpacks & heaps more......

Northcore Europe

United Kingdom
Northcore Europe are a British based, European surf & boardriding company, manufacturing apparel, hardware and surfboards