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GREAT SURF CAMP - 06 Nov 2008
My daughter, Maeve, has been to surf camp for three years. This last week seem to have exceptionally special. She posted the message, "Maeve is missing Aqua Surf already" on her facebook page as soon as she could get her fingers on a keyboard after being picked up on Friday afternoon. Thank you!!
Submitted by: Kelly - report abuse
Unprofessional - 24 Apr 2008
I found Aqua Surf to be relatively difficult to work with. Once you are scheduled, it's almost impossible to get a phone call back or an e-mail. They cancel lessons due to low enrollment. They showed up late for our lesson and then the waves were so rough that no one got up during the lesson - it probably should have been canceled or moved to a different beach. Overall, I felt they weren't very professional and I certainly wouldn't go through them again.
Submitted by: Melinda - report abuse
Surf Camp in Santa Monica - 22 Mar 2008
“AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING: Aqua surf school should be so proud of what they have they run amazing business. It is very geared towards the kids things change from day to day with the turning of the waves. We have had a six year old in for most of the summer he even sad he had to go to Lego Land as he would miss a day of surf camp, he now wants to become a professional surfer. We are going to take privates when camps ends so he keeps learning from these wonderful people we love Liz and Katie and of course Allenxxx”
Submitted by: Elizabeth Rogers - report abuse
Bad news - 14 Jul 2007
A bad surf shop - I don't recommend.
Submitted by: Mary - report abuse
Bad owner - 14 Jul 2007
This young owner has no idea how to run a business. It's obvious that mommy set him up. Beware, if you buy a package on-line, print our your record of the transaction because this guy doesn't have it when you show up to the beach - he asks you for it. There is no consistency between instructors or boards if you buy a multi-day package. He has a bad reputation on the beach and apparently treats his employees badly. My advice, don't book ahead of time - show up to the beach and ask another surfer what shop they recommend.
Submitted by: Gwen - report abuse
Don't go with Aqua Surf !! - 09 Jul 2007
Aqua Surf is a joke. It's obvious that the owner's (Alan's) parents set him up with a business that he has no idea how to run. He is young, an inexperienced business owner and extremely unprofessional. I bought the 3-pack of lessons on-line. On day two, he was wondering why I showed up. He is clueless. He asked other customers to show their on-line registration information and didn't even have a list of customers for the day who pre-purchased packages. There was no consistency in my instructors throughout the three days or with the boards available for my use. It was practically an arguement with him to get the same instructor for 2 of the three days. He spoke down to me. It's actually comical to listen to him try to use surfing lingo. It's obvious that he's a New York transplant which I later confirmed. Some of his instructors are only 15 years old. Talking with locals and instructors - no one has ever seen him on a surf-board. My advice - don't book your surfing lessons before arriving in Santa Monica or the CA area and never use Aqua Surf School. I recommend that you go to the beach and ask a surfer what surf shop they recommend for lessons. Aqua Surf has a bad reputation on the beach - I learned this too late - but you're smart and reading this :) I just hope that I helped you to make a better decision. I would never use or recommend this shop. If anyone does recommends this shop, I would bet it's the owner writing his own review.
Submitted by: Gwen - report abuse
I Am Stoked! - 11 Apr 2006
I stood UP!! The instructer was really friendly AND patient with me. I was so grateful for that because it was my first time surfing. Cant wait till I get back out in the water! YaY*
Submitted by: Amanda S. - report abuse


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