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Billabong Rio Pro Betting Odds And Event Preview

Author: Transworld Surf

While we could go on and tell you who we think is going to win event #3 of the 2013 ASP World Championship Tour; the Billabong Rio Pro, it's best to listen to the folks who have a vested financial interest in the event-bookies. You know, those shady dudes who roughed up your uncle when he couldn't make good on his horse racing debts.

There aren't any major surprises here, Kelly is at the top of the list with a five to one shot at winning, and Kieren Perrow, Glenn Hall, and Kai Otton are major underdogs at 201 to 1 to win. So if you bet $1 on KP, Micro, and Ottz to win you'd rake in over two bills. But it ain't gonna happen, not at a Brazilian beachbreak.

Who's conspicuously missing from the list? Defending Billabong Rio Pro champion John John Florence who's rehabbing from an ankle injury yet expected to be back for the upcoming Volcom Fiji Pro. Also missing is Yadin Nicol who took John's spot. It's a tough task to come off the bench and up to bat against the world's best, but Yadin could do some damage if it becomes an air show.

What: 2013 Billabong Rio Pro, event #3 on the 2013 ASP World Championships Tour

The Wave: Barra Da Tijuca is predominantly a left, but a short, rampy right can be on offer as well. The wave is tailor made for high performance surfing, and while it can be a bit mushy at times, when the conditions come together there are small tube sections. Look out for the Brazilians in this event, every year it seems like one of them finishes near the top.

Kelly Slater 5.50 to 1

Joel Parkinson 8.50 to 1

Adriano De Souza 8.50 to 1

Mick Fanning 9.00 to 1

Filipe Toledo 9.50 to 1

Gabriel Medina 9.50 to 1

Taj Burrow 12.00 to 1

Julian Wilson 12.00 to 1

Jordy Smith 12.00 to 1

Josh Kerr 26.00 to 1

Owen Wright 26.00 to 1

Michel Bourez 34.00 to 1

Nat Young 34.00 to 1

Matt Wilkinson 36.00 to 1

Jeremy Flores 36.00 to 1

Bede Durbidge 51.00 to 1

Sebastian Zietz 51.00 to 1

Kolohe Andino 67.00 to 1

Alejo Muniz 67.00 to 1

Dusty Payne 81.00 to 1

Raoni Monteiro 81.00 to 1

Miguel Pupo 91.00 to 1

Adam Melling 91.00 to 1

Brett Simpson 101.00 to 1

CJ Hobgood 101.00 to 1

Damien Hobgood 151.00 to 1

Willian Cardoso 151.00 to 1

Tiago Pires 151.00 to 1

Travis Logie 151.00 to 1

Kieren Perrow 201.00 to 1

Glenn Hall 201.00 to 1

Kai Otton 201.00 to 1

The experts have made their call, now it's your turn! Who's your pick to win the 2013 Billabong Rio Pro? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

The waiting period for the Billabong Rip Pro kicks off tomorrow and lasts through May 19. Watch the event live at

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