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News provided by ASP World Tour on 4 July 2006

BIARRITZ, France – Round three of the Roxy ASP Women’s World Longboard Championship (WWLC) presented by Evian is underway in one meter (three foot) waves at Côte des Basques, Biarritz, on France’s southwest coast today.

Sun, swell and offshore winds have widened the smiles of the 48 women already ecstatic to still be in the running for the world’s first ever ASP Women’s Longboarding World Title.

Twelve four girl heats with the top two advancing are the order of the day. Heats will be 25-minute heats long.

The heat draw is as follows:

HEAT 1: Sabrina Olas (BRA), Jennifer Smith (USA), Janna Irons (USA), Miku Uemura (HAW)
HEAT 2: Estitxu Estremo (SPN), Belinda Baggs (AUS), Annie Granier (FRA), Ashley Lloyd (USA)
HEAT 3: Kim Hamrock (USA), Angela Bauer (BRA), Crystal Dzigas (HAW), Deanne Ashmore (AUS)
HEAT 4: Karina Abras (BRA), Mary Osborne (USA), Gretchen Jorgensen (AUS), Gaelle Szymkowiak (FRA)
HEAT 5: Summer Romero (USA), Helene Chabeaud (FRA), Kassia Meador (USA), Biance Valenti (USA)
HEAT 6: Julie Whitegon (USA), Leah Dawson (USA), Luiza Tavares (BRA), Clemence Godineau (FRA)
HEAT 7: Cristiana Pires (BRA), Selby Riddle (AUS), Kula Barbieto (HAW), Coline Menard (FRA)
HEAT 8: Chelsea Williams (AUS), Tegan Riddle (AUS), Joy Magelssen (HAW) Marinane Bellegrade (FRA)
HEAT 9: Claire Karabatson (FRA), Mary Bagalso (USA), Carmel McGrath (AUS), Schuyler McFerran (USA)
HEAT 10: Lisa Nicholson (AUS), Myriam Imaz (SPN), Julie Cox (USA), Kaitlan Maguire (USA)
HEAT 11: Kirsty Webster (AUS), Nathalie Destandau (FRA), Kelly Nicely (USA), Melanie Fosse (RUN)
HEAT 12: Simone Robb (ZAF), Kristy Murphy (USA), Yuko Shimajiri (JPN), Kath Robinson (AUS)

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