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News provided by ASP World Tour on 27 June 2006

Josh Constable (AUS) has won the 2006 ASP Men’s World Longboard Title today, defeating Ned Snow from Hawaii in a very closely contested man-on-man final at the 13th Annual Rabbit Kekai International Longboard Classic held in Costa Rica.

Constable, who contested every heat from the first round of the hotly contested event, notched up some of highest total wave scores of the event and was elated with his victory.

“It hasn’t really sunk in yet,” said Constable. “When I get home with family and friends it will probably kick in. Right now it just doesn’t seem real. It was a perfect day!”

Speaking about the event itself he was full of praise for the venue and the organizers.
“It was such a great atmosphere with everyone staying together and surfing perfect lefts early in the event at the Boca,” said Constable. “And getting to finish in great beachies was also something special.”

So many of the longboarders electrified and amazed the crowds with some of the most high-energy surfing seen in a very long time.

Today Playa Hermosa was pumping in one to two metre (four to six feet) plus near perfect “A” frame peak waves, allowing the surfers to really show off their wares.

The wave of the event went to Hawaii’s Duane DeSoto – a perfect 10.0 for a fantastic, fully covered tube ride followed by radical maneuvers and traditional noseriding all the way to the beach.

Earlier in the day many of the favorites and past world champions were eliminated from the event.

They included two-time world champion, Joel Tudor and three-time World Champion, Colin McPhillips – both from the USA.

Also going out in the quarterfinals was last year’s contest winner, Matthew Moir from South Africa.

Held alongside the main event was the Women’s Pro/Am division of the Rabbit Kekai Longboard Classic with 12-year-old phenomenon Anneka Barrie defeating Jennifer Flannigan, Tifney Bertram and Brittney Valverde.
Also held today was the Hobie, Surftech 1-Design “Expression Session”, won by Phil Razzman from Brazil.
A big thankyou goes out to Jim Reynolds, Contest Organizer.

The 13th Annual Rabbit Kekai International Longboard Classic and 2006 ASP Men’s World Longboard Championships were presented by 4Surfing Productions,, Jim Reynolds and Henry Ford.

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