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News provided by ASP World Tour on 15 June 2006

Surfers competing in the fifth event on the Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour – the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT – are abuzz as not only are they about to undertake an adventure to surf a new and perfect location, but yet again “the dream tour” looks set to score amazing waves.

The unique “floating” license given to Rip Curl, allows them to take their event to a different venue each year and to add an element of mystery to the already exotic nature of the 11-event tour, the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT will kick off next Tuesday, 20 June “somewhere in Mexico”.

And adding spice to already potently exciting mix is the forecast, which indicates that a huge swell will hit the location of the tournament – which goes under the code name of La Jolla – bang on the beginning of the waiting period.

“There is major activity in store for the south east Pacific Ocean,” says “Swell should show abruptly on the 18th reaching double overhead plus with spots like Puerto Escondido on the same coast, reaching three to four times overhead.”

News has already filtered back from the location that tour heavyweights Chris Ward (USA) and Cory Lopez (USA), have scored “some of the best waves of their lives” while warming up for the upcoming tournament.

And those still at home waiting to leave are champing at the bit to embrace Rip Curl’s Search philosophy and join Ward and Lopez in the hope of finding flawlessly breaking swells.

“It’s going to be a sick event,” said Bede Durbidge (AUS) who is currently ranked 23 going into the event. “I’ve heard so many stories of how good the place is but I still don’t know that much about it. I do know that the place pumps!”

Competitors will begin to arrive at La Jolla over the upcoming weekend and from the reports indicated above, they will be overawed at the set-up.

The location is said to be hot and dry with a “wave farm” delivering epic tube after tube.

The wave itself is a sand bottomed right-hander, which can serve up grinding walls for up to 200 metres.

The event, which is also the first top tour event ever held in the region will also invite local surfers to compete in a trials event and the winner of the trials will be the first Mexican ever to take on the world’s elite.

“Although surfing reaches out to all corners of the world, the ASP tour has never seen a native Mexican compete at the sport’s most elite level – until now...” said Rip Curl. “The Squalo Mexican Trials will be an exciting part of the Rip Curl Pro Search.

“A total of 16 local Mexican surfers will compete in the trials after winning their way through several ‘point score’ events held in the past few months.

“The Mexican surfers will be vying for a chance to compete against the world’s best surfers in the main event.

“The Trials winner will earn a wildcard entry into Round One and will become the first native Mexican to compete in a Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour event.”

With an almost full squadron of the sport's greats eager to unleash bolstered by the anticipated return of seven time world champion Kelly Slater (USA) the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT is shaping up to be a definitive “must see” event.

In 2005 Rip Curl staged its first Search WCT in Reunion Island to the acclaim of both surfers and spectators alike.

Given the success of last year plus the hype shrouding the adventure of journeying into new frontiers, all and sundry are eager for the 2006 Rip Curl Pro Search WCT showdown to begin.


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