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News provided by ASP World Tour on 6 June 2006

The Association of Surfing Professionals International Ltd. is pleased to announce that the 13th Annual Rabbit Kekai International Longboard Surfing Classic will crown the 2006 ASP Men’s World Longboard Champion.

Held at Boca Barranca, Costa Rica from June 21 to June 30, 2006 the event will feature the best riders from the longboarding world stage in what is universally recognized as one of the world’s premier longboarding venues.

The line-up of top seeds includes:
Colin McPhillips (USA)
Bonga Perkins (HAW)
Taylor Jensen (USA)
Kekoa Uemura (HAW)
Mathew Moir (ZAF)
Alex Salazar (BRA)
Marcelo Freitas (BRA)
Diego Rosas (BRA)
Paulo Kid (BRA)
Jye Byrnes (AUS)
Grant Thomas (AUS)
Danilo Rodrigo (BRA)

ASP is extremely proud to be associated with such a prestigious event held in honour of one of the sport’s truly legendary characters – Rabbit Kekai.

Born on Oahu, Hawaii in 1920, Kekai spent his younger days surfing and canoe paddling along the Waikiki stretch under the tutelage of Duke Kahanamoku.

He went on to establish himself as a surfing name after numerous wins in the 1930s and 40s.

Still surfing and nose riding with aplomb well into his 80s, Kekai has witnessed every major development in the sport this century.

To name a longboard world champion in his presence will be a huge privilege.

“ASP International is delighted to forge an association with the long running Rabbit Kekai event,” said ASP President Wayne Bartholomew. “It is a truly exciting development to see this event step up as the official ASP Men’s World Longboard Championship for 2006.”

“There is deep folklore embedded within the history of this event and Costa Rica is renowned for delivering quality waves to Rabbit’s event year in and year out.”

“This is monumental, everyone at ASP is super pumped and looking forward to the best exponents of the Longboard discipline battling for this prestigious title.”

The winner of the 13th Annual Rabbit Kekai International Longboard Surfing Classic will be flown to Australia’s Gold Coast for the official crowning at the ASP Awards Dinner alongside the other ASP World Champions .

Alongside the premium event will be the Guy Takayama Noseriding Challenge and a men’s amateur competition with multiple divisions.

The purse of $50,000 is being provided by the Boca Barranca Beach & Surf Resort, a new development located on the point overlooking the world class left known as Boca Barranca.

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