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News provided by ASP World Tour on 5 June 2006

Due to there being limited time to find a major sponsor, the Association
of Surfing Professionals International Ltd. (ASP) has been forced to
cancel the Foster's ASP Men's World Tour event in Japan.

The event, which was scheduled to take place from August 31 to September
7 at Malibu/Hebara, on the Chiba coastline, was the seventh stop on the
12-event tour.

Quiksilver has been the major sponsor of the event for the past three
years, which has been held in prime surf, typhoon season.

The president of Quiksilver Asia-Pacific, Clive Fitts, said Quiksilver
had run three very successful Foster's ASP Men's World Tour events in
Japan and is still very keen to continue as a presenting sponsor.

"Quiksilver pioneered this event in 2003 with an extended competition
window to get the best surf at the best locations during the Japanese
typhoon season," said Fitts.

"Our original aim was to work with ASP to attract a naming rights
sponsor with continued support from Quiksilver. That opportunity now

ASP Chief Executive Officer Brodie Carr said the organisation has been
looking for an overall naming rights sponsor to support Quiksilver and
ASP Japan.

"It's always disappointing to lose an event on the tour," Carr said.
"But we're looking at it positively as there is now a great opportunity
to bring new sponsors onto the tour.

"There are already supporting sponsors and the event infrastructure is
in place so it's a sponsorship bargain to become part of the prestigious
Foster's ASP Men's World Tour."

Japan has always been viewed by ASP as an important growth area for the
sport of surfing and it is also a favoured stop-over of the athletes due
to the incredible support and enthusiasm of the spectators.

"We see Japan as a vital cog in the current success of the Dream Tour,"
said Carr. "And we would like to see the event reinstalled on the 2007
calendar, bigger and better than ever."

The call now goes out to anyone who may be wishing to become a major sponsor of this top line international pro surfing tournament.

Interested parties are invited to register with Carr via email at

Last year's Japan final, between Kelly Slater (USA) and Andy Irons
(HAW), was one of the best ever, with Irons winning in ideal six foot
(two metre) surf in front of a massive crowd.

The result helped spearhead one of the greatest sporting rivalries ever
(between Slater and Irons) with Slater eventually winning an
unprecedented seventh world crown.

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