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News provided by ASP World Tour on 4 November 2005

Organisers of the Nova Schin Festival presented by Billabong in Brazil have made the decision to put the event on hold for today, Saturday, 6 November but have made the call to definitely restart round one again tomorrow morning at 10am at Imbituba, two hours drive south of the home base of Joaquina.

With conditions at Joaquina being extremely small again this morning and with a strong southerly change predicted for later today or tonight, surfers and organisers made the call to move to take advantage of the new swell that potentially should arrive with the change.

“Tomorrow the wind may be onshore,” said Contest Director Xandi Fontes, “but the swell should be much bigger down at Imbituba and we should get some good waves. Although the wind won’t be the most favourable, the conditions will be much bigger and better than what we have seen so far.”

It will be a major logistical feat to move the contest as surfers and officials will move to the break permanently if the call is made to complete the event there.

The event, the 10th on the Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour, has approximately three and a half days of heats to complete but could be squeezed into two and a half very long days if need be. The waiting period for the Nova Schin Festival ends on Wednesday, 9 November.

Competitors are now getting very anxious to restart the event as it is crucial to not only the title race between Andy Irons (HAW) and Kelly Slater (USA), but will influence the “bottom end” of the ratings where surfers are scrambling to requalify for next year’s Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour.

The remaining heats of round one include:

Heat 13
Daniel Wills (AUS) vs Luke Stedman (AUS) vs Tom Curren (USA)
Heat 14
Fred Patacchia (HAW) vs Greg Emslie (ZAF) vs Bernado Pigmeu (BRA)
Heat 15
Tom Whitaker (AUS) vs Raoni Monteiro (BRA) vs Guilherme Herdy (BRA)
Heat 16
Peterson Rosa (BRA) vs Kirk Flintoff (AUS) vs Renan Rocha (BRA)

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