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News provided by ASP World Tour on 1 June 2005

NO time for too much waffle and carry-on this morning on the enchanted isles of Namotu and Tavarua. As predicted, the second pulse of our ‘Perfect Storm’ swell has kicked in, adding jerky to the beefy swell we already had, and it’s more west in origin than yesterday, ideal for Restaurants. The wind is currently quite strong but dropping, and from a perfect direction, so it’s on for young and old with the third quarterfinal of the Globe WCT Fiji beginning on the mid-incoming tide at 10.00am this morning. Yes! All good things come to those who use a waiting period wisely (most of the time).

Right now the boys are out ripping perfect 6-8’ Restaurants to shreds, and one of God’s finest created walls of water is doing some ripping of its own. At last count, though it’s just less than two hours since dawn, that epic wave has already snapped three boards.

The ocean is most definitely alive this morning. Richie Lovett (AUS) got up in the middle of the night and walked the ten steps from his front door to the beach to drain his bladder, and was kick started from his slumber stumble by the sensation of whitewater flying around his ankles where there had been dry sand at bedtime. Upon awakening, iSurf video shooter Brooke Sylvester found a sizeable coral head on the front path of his bure, some 20m from the water’s edge.

Richie’s rude awakening was probably the first sensation of the day, and there’ll be plenty more of that as the remaining combatants of the Foster’s Top 45 combine with the created elements to provide a fitting climax to the Globe WCT Fiji. It should be a cracker jack three hours.

The opening heat, quarter number three, pits Dean Morrison against Kelly Slater, while Travis Logie and Fred Patacchia wrap up the quarterfinals thereafter. After the running of the first two quarterfinals yesterday, the first semi-final is already cast, CJ Hobgood (USA) versus Bruce Irons (HAW).

Get online at or and you won’t be sorry. You’re guaranteed a great show. Have a good one…because, God willing, we most certainly are going to.


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