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Onestopsurf is a powerful, easy to manage way to increase exposure of your company, brand, products or website.

We offer:

  • Simple advertising options
  • Detailed reports of your campaign's effectiveness

Banner advertising throughout our site *
468x60 £10 CPM
120x600 £10 CPM
125x125 £5 CPM
* There is a minimum run of 6 months
CPM is Cost Per 1000 impressions
Partner site
1. Get maximum exposure for your site.
2. Appear on every page Onestopsurf has
3. Write a full page article on how great you are and what you offer and have this linked to across Onestopsurf
£500 pa
Sponsored listing
Get a more in depth listing and description of your website. Appear at the top of our directory lists £500 pa
Sponsor a section
Surf News (1,300 pages) £1,000 pa
Surf Reports (7,000 views/month) £1,000 pa
Directories (20,000 views/month) £2,000 pa
Website pages (40,000 views/month) £4,000 pa
Homepage (4,000 views/month) £500 pa
Classifieds (1,000 views/month) £500 pa
WCT Calendar (1,000 views/month) £500 pa

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  • 80,000+ page views per month (Feb '05)
  • 13,000+ unique visitors per month (Feb '05)
  • 18,000+ click thoughs to our listed sites per month (Feb '05)
  • Targeted audience
  • Very well indexed by major search engines

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