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News provided by ASP World Tour on 15 August 2006

COOLANGATTA, Australia – Melanie Redman-Carr (AUS) may be three for three this season, but she’s also had three long months to dwell on the fact that seventeen other combatants, former six-time world champ Layne Beachley (AUS) among them, are eager to see her bow out early in the upcoming Billabong Girls Pro Brazil.

Running at Pria de Itacaré in Bahia, Brazil from August 21-28, 2006, the Billabong Girls Pro Brazil is the fourth of eight events on the 2006 ASP Women’s World Tour and the first elite-tour tournament since May.

If Redman-Carr is feeling any kind of pressure to extend her ratings lead and ultimately win her first world title (nine years after first qualifying for the ASP Women’s World Tour) she’s not showing it.

“This feels very good,” Redman-Carr says of her current undefeated status. “I am proud of myself and looking forward to the upcoming events. I’ve been surfing lots of different types of breaks as well as walking , jogging and doing yoga and I’m really looking forward to Brazil – the weather, the fresh exotic fruits and the exuberance of the people.”

The event marks the ASP Women’s World Tour’s triumphant return to South America after a six-year absence. Though this is the eighth time the tour will visit Brazil, this is the first time the event will be held in a location other than Rio de Janeiro. Brazilians Jacqueline Silva and Silvana Lima as well as Peruvian Sofia Mulanovich could have the upper hand.

“I think Jacqueline, Silvana and Sofia will be the biggest threats there,” Redman-Carr said. “They’re all very at home in South American surf and are fired up to win the first event over there in years.”

Redman-Carr makes no mention of Beachley, though the current world No. 2 (who came runner-up to Redman-Carr in Australia and Fiji and finished third in Tahiti) is currently her closest competition. Both surfers are tour veterans asserting that, despite an abundance of raw talent displayed by the up-and-comers, experience and competitive savvy are an asset on tour.

"This three month break has given Mel plenty of time to psyche up and prepare for the remainder of the season,” Beachley, who is currently organizing an ASP Women’s World Tour event of her own, said. “But there are still five events to go and with two good results in the following events in Brazil and France, I know I can put a lot more pressure on her leading into Sydney and Hawaii. The season if far from over!"

The women will travel to France immediately following the Billabong Girls Pro Brazil and then head to Beachley’s Sydney event in October.

"Working on the Havaianas Beachley Classic has impaired my preparation somewhat but saying that, I am still feeling very confident and thrilled to be going back to my 'real' job, Beachley said. "I am really looking forward to travelling back to Brazil, it has been about five or six years since we competed in Rio, but we are now chartering new waters this year. The women have never competed in an event in Itacaré and I hear it is absolutely beautiful. I am also excited about escaping the Sydney winter and heading somewhere warm!”

The Billabong Girls Pro Brazil will follow a five-star World Qualifying Series (WQS) event running at the same location from August 17-20. Many of the elite-tour surfers will contest the qualifying series contest to get back in the swing of things.

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