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The Billabong Jack McCoy Film Festival - 2006

News provided by Billabong - Free as a dog on 25 July 2006

The Billabong Jack McCoy Film Festival is coming back to the big screen near you this summer with ‘Free as a Dog’.

Following two successful tours, Billabong and surf film maestro, Jack McCoy are taking surfing to the big screen again with their new film titled ‘Free as a Dog - a true dog’s tale.’


Free as a Dog is the new Billabong film staring Joel "Parko" Parkinson and his faithful hound, Trey. As seen through the eyes of the ever-loyal Trey, who is also the film’s narrator, the remarkable surfing talent of Joel Parkinson is showcased like never before.

"It's an honour to be able to work with a surfer of this calibre. Parko is just so easy going and a regular good guy. From there the film title developed naturally as Parko and his dog Trey represent the true nature of the title," Jack McCoy reflects.


Starring alongside Parko are aussie grommets (young surfers) James Wood and Ellis Ericson, both of whom are earmarked to be the bright future of Australian surfing. Ellis and James play the surf trip grommets, who have a tendency to be distracted by beautiful beach babes.

In the film, Parko and Trey set off on a mission to help get a couple of ‘groms’ back in line after they've gone off the rails in classic teenage puppy-love mode, fantasising about a beautiful dark-haired beauty played by Billabong free surfer Ashley Cheadle.

Free as a Dog - A true dog’s tale is the 24th film in a long line of classic surfing films by Jack McCoy.

Having premiered in Sydney, Australia, the Billabong Jack McCoy film festival is being screen throughout Europe during summer 2006, touring across the UK, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Over the past two years, the tour has gathered almost 100 000 enthusiastic surfing fans across Europe.

UK Tour dates
12th August – Swansea - Phone for bookings – 01702 602060
13th August – Plymouth - Phone for bookings – 01752 663300
14th August – Bournemouth - Phone for bookings - 0871 2244007
15th August – London - Phone for bookings – 0870 8112559

Free as a dog

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