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News provided by ASP World Tour on 24 December 2005

While the big boy and girl pro surfing tourers have headed home for a well-deserved Christmas break after all tours (both at World Championship Tour level and World Qualifying Series level) concluded in Hawaii, the future stars of the sport are headed “Down Under” to compete in the coveted Billabong World Junior Championships.

Held at Narrabeen, a world class beach break in Sydney, Australia from 31 December 2005, the event will host the best junior (under 21 years of age) surfers both male and female from North America, South America, Hawaii, Europe, Asia, South Africa and Australasia.

On the men’s front, 48 surfers will do battle while on the women’s two from each region plus a wildcard (18 in total) will compete in a draw identical to that of the ASP Women’s World Tour.

The Billabong World Junior Championship is seen as the most prestigious junior event in the world and has given rise to some of the world’s biggest surfing super stars including three-time Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour winner Andy Irons (HAW) and former ratings number two, Joel Parkinson (AUS).

Brazilians have also been a dominant force at the Billabong World Juniors in recent years with Pablo Paulino (BRA) claiming victory this time last year while Adriana De Souza claimed a win in 2003. De Souza just recently qualified for the 2006 Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour. Another Brazilian in Pedro Henrique took the trophy back in 2000. He too has now qualified to surf against the ASP’s finest next year.

Professional surfing legend Luke Egan (AUS), who recently officially retired from competition after 21 years on tour, will assume the role of contest director.
During the event and will be providing comprehensive online coverage. The webcast will include live scoring, high-quality streaming vision, heat results, video updates, press releases and photographic images.

Billabong Junior World Championships Honour Roll

1998: Andy Irons
1999: Joel Parkinson
2000: Pedro Henrique (Brazil)
2001: Joel Parkinson
2002: Non Event
2003: Adriano De Souza
2004: Pablo Paulino

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